I have lived most of my life in Denmark; a small country far to north in Europe which consists of more than 400 islands.


Living that far north makes you very conscious of the light, whether it is the transitions between day and night or the transitions between seasons. Differences are big with long, white summer nights where the sun never really sets to the six months where days become shorter and ends with days of constant twilight and long dark nights.


In my photographs I try to capture the emptiness of the night and the hope of the new day. I am fascinated by the sleeping city with lights only in a few windows or in the street lamps. At this time you see only a few things and the city is calm and almost colorless.


I have previously taken photographs of the people in cities and have depicted the pulse; however in the night the city is devoid of the chaos characterizing city days and it shows its strength in the simplicity.


I take photographs in the city of the transition between the night and the breaking day, the time where the pulse of the city feels like it is kept under control and is waiting for the energy to be released.


The streets are still dark but the light of a new day is just visible. This is a time of opportunities, a time where you can change what this day will be like for you. Soon the city will be humming with life and the rhythm of a new day is repeated.


Mogens Kjoeller May 2017